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  1. nicopool

    Revolution Recruiting International/ Greekppl

    Revo is a good clan. Up for them.
  2. nicopool

    lfp ru

    Ап. короч тема такая, набираем в ру клан адекватных. ПМ L.Nicopool. Sting, Rambo. Hater. sektor. если без транслейта не але то не стоит тратить время=\
  3. nicopool


  4. nicopool

    last day of oly

    sweet roll)
  5. nicopool

    Wipe sServer

    reg for dusk)?
  6. nicopool

    Wipe sServer

    server for almost 2 years. they still wear A grades ...
  7. nicopool

    anakim transform

    Well, like everything is clear here, it's hoped that special drop (transforms, ...) generally works. Although I see no reason why it is not listed on the drop list.
  8. nicopool

    anakim transform

    Explain what we are focused on? on empty words? (if you look at your herb leaf of the tiad, it says that 2 books drop - Fighter will and Archer will, but in fact drops 4 books Fighter will, Archer will, magik will and rune elemental) and in the game they are described already as a normal drop (not herbs). Just do not want to be a fool who believed in simple words and closed his eyes to some of the facts described above. I testified that I gave a simple example of the fact that your informer does not correspond to the chronicles of the GE and does not match the game droppings at the moment. On Tiad, there are no problems in the game, everything drops right, I would like to see a drop of transformations. (Zaken, Anakim, Benom, Gordon, Ranku, Demon Prince, Kechi).
  9. nicopool


    top hat!!
  10. Well, straight diary of ignorant fools)). I read and crying from your vision of our plague. About oli a lot of noise, but in fact you could kill there? There were not even equal charms and screaming like we are the best, well, ridiculous = \ call at least 1 charm 85 lvl which you won on oli)? Everything is simple, they were not. If you are happy with this achievement, then I will not disturb you = \ It's easy to bend you, but I'm looking at your clan. Well, you're not worth my personal time. I'll go into matters more important. And you can further grow up like girls)
  11. OH NOOO !!!!! NOT ONLY THIS !!!! There HD +100500 !!!! Lol)) what are the big eyes in fear))
  12. You contradict yourself. 100% is taken away and only 10% is extracted by a bug. But this all does not matter = \ and somehow already loses its meaning and interest.
  13. Discard your passport and jump out of the window, preferably from the 9th floor. Forget everything and live from scratch.
  14. Can you check that npc? the first 5 options dont work when you click them.