INVICTUS Clan is here - nice to meet you all

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Dear L2 Shrine Community,

Invictus is an accomplished Lineage 2 Clan and Community of friends who have been playing "the" game together for about 10 years.


We started humbly on L2Dex back in 2007 and have been playing together ever since. Over the years our community has grown both in experience and scale but our core values have remained the same: we play for fun, we enjoy each other's company. We have never taken Lineage 2 as a job and never will.


Our latest adventure is here on L2 Shrine, where we landed 2 months ago and quite enjoyed the slow pace, warm community, and server upkeep.

We are now a Level 6 Clan looking over the lands of Shuttgart, with a healthy population of ~50 active players.


It is a pleasure to share this Server with you.

See you in game!


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I remember u guys from dex I used to play in VaeVictis on Dex if i recall correctly & Ph34r on wrath.


GL :)

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