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How to get vote rewards when connecting with wtfast


I finally learned about vote rewards and tried to make them work.  However I live in the USA so I use wtfast to help with latency issues.  When I vote I do not get the vote rewards unless I launch client outside wtfast.  Is there a way to make vote reward work with wtfast connections?


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On 5/12/2020 at 5:42 AM, heroBD said:

try hatency fix ,you dont need to run it , doesnt needs subscription , u just press 1 button 1 time , and it is on all the time.



Thanks for the suggestion, this doesn't work as well as wtfast.  Logging in without wtfast the game misses quite a few clicks if clicking quickly in a row.  This can mean death in melee aoe situations.  @Emcaor @Jorn any suggestions on how to make it work with wtfast?  Thanks for your time.

Edit: I asked admin at topzone and he suggested the following: You may ask server admin it they can add other identifier for the buff like username or HWID if is possible.

I'm guessing it is ip based and that's why wtfast blocks it from working?

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