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My wife and I are joining the server... we realize that it isn't alive but we enjoy grinding & farming and don't really require many other players to have fun.

That being said we are curious if there are still any around that are looking for academy memebers.  We currently have a number of chars coming up.  If not no big deal we will just make our own clan and do our own thing.  If there are still some that are looking for new people let me know.

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The only clan's that atm are kinda active is morag tong (mine) with international concept, and OldTimes that are Czech (maybe they want international too , dunno).

At morag we are 4 people atm , not super active , and high lvls as rest of the server, but u are free to join if u want , u ll just have to grind a bit until we do things together because of lvl differences....

In any side that u go u will have probably a lot of help as new player, both on what to do , and in gear/adena.

U can pm "freak , "oakenshield , "fukt , "anrai in game for us .

Hope u will like it here , it is many people that play solo and do their own things , and u know , that your effort wont be lost here.For a pve player it is very good server. Welcome

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i suggest u try to PM Mr. Warpig ...cause he needs help a lot ....especially with Tiats to be able to make tons of S crystals through OE :D

Honestly should be the best option u can have here ....cause as he said ....they are international clan ..... with all clan skills / squad skills / territory wards it will be maybe the best for u ....and im sure guys in clan will be willing a lot to help u both 🙂


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