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Dynasty Armor Shield Mastery

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Hello. On the screen below

U can see that Dynasty Ess I has +50% res stun, and Ess II flat +15 bonus.
Are those bonuses correct? Cuz it looks weird when Ess I is exacly much better than II.
I checked freya/h5 patch notes, and there was no info about fixing wrong description.
H5 set description still says Ess I is +50% so it's not looking like a NCSoft mistake.
@Emca Do u know smth about it? Is it trully 50% here?

PS. +50% bonus u can only see with PvP. Without pvp is says only "resistance to shock increased"

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Perhaps the 50% is only percentage. The 15 is a flat number (i.e. mental shield has a 20 resist as a number) which may be higher than 50%.

2nd option is that the description is incorrect. (check passive skills)

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