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  1. oh ty god! when u change, leave a msg here! thx again!
  2. look, i speend 20 min with my bishop to try get the first leaf, and nothing, and them has 3 more treesto do ,already stop trying for now, let me know if u guys 'fix' this! thx for the quickly answer.
  3. to start sorry for my bad english hehe, i am trying make the strider quest , hatchling is lvl 55, i am lvl 58 how u can see, already picks the quest, have the leafs in bag, but the hatchling keep hitting and the leaf dont ''go'', when the hatcling atacks the leaf must drop, i know keeps some time, but i call even a bishop to help and nothing, the tree dies alot of times and the leaf still in the inventory! can u check this pls ! i follow this quest.
  4. not a good idea at all ! dont do that! ^^
  5. qual seu nick la no server ?
  6. Ola, vou me aplicar la!