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  1. These are the weeds that should be mowed instantly and IP banned 4ever. At least that's my opinion. But come on..
  2. I once had Akamanah on another server, Interlude. I couldn't farm because 3 parties of various clans were hunting the sword - wherever I went after 30 minutes I had a group with a dagger and necros and prophets running at me, eventually they started logging heroes and w/o BSoE I'd loose it instantly. If there's no such force here, well, I pray to get it. It's only drawback would be the fact, that you can't get buffs not get into a party, what would ruin dualbox playstyle.
  3. Hello I just voted and I could vote only on 2 of the 4 sites - one of the 2 requires facebook which I am not using and other one wants me to register. The thing is, most likely I am not the only person being blocked by those access points. Most likely I am not the only one lazy here. Ok, hundreds and thousands of votes counted, but there could be more. I'm not intending to minimize anything, but to enstrenghten, give more. It's for the new players, who get here, to get used to voting. OK there are 5 sites total - the image of the most right Czech voting site didn't load for me and I had to look again and saw the browser's error there. The link works though and we're 1st there, nice! I suggest 2 other sites, which are great, because after 200 votes we will be on their front pages. That's right. And they are in top google-search results, which means, that anyone who types 'lineage 2 server' and gets into top 10 result links will find us on at least 2 of the sites on their main pages. Sadly, I had 3 sites prepared, but one of them is l2topzone and they are the ones who want registration. Damnit. And that's probably wy it's so easy to climb in there, as other voters are lazy too.. The other 2 sites are: http://www.l2servers.com/ http://www.top100arena.com/lineage2/ Also I am asking for the vote links to be on the main page in a more prominent page - for example, on the very top of it. I had to scroll down to see them in the bottom lines, instead of having them right on the top near the statements describing the server. They would fit alongside. Please, if it's not a problem, put them there, so we could go l2shrine.com and have them right in our faces It'd be easier to vote. I know that there is another place with the vote links but after I went through it I couldn't find it again, sorry. They are in the Client Launcher and they work perfectly! That's something new for me. Nice! Also I suggest to add into the descriptions of the server on the voting sites "Online since November 2016" so people will know ow old is the server (what will ensure them, that it's not some old forgotten server to ignore, but a fairly new one that is yet young).
  4. You can also strike back to make the person sh*t up, but this has to be an immediate dose of high damage, that causes tons of grief and teachers the person that talking negatively to you will cause pain so you must be precise and quick. If it doesn't stop, make screenshots and post on forums - show off that f*cktard, so evry1 knows whom to stay away from.
  5. Same! I'm looking for raidboss parties. I can do any role. Though I'll be bringing dualboxed DD (mage or archer) + support (single-target) which are yet not created, so welp give me some time. We'll meet, for sure
  6. Hi I've been lurking into this forum for a couple of weeks and finally I decided to get in. What I saw are many posts, people incoming, rather good attitude of users, some questioning regarding activity but what can we expect from another asian game that hurts the player for playing it? I'm a L2 addict and can't stop. I lately was on Interlude and High5 clients which both enforce rushing and grinding which destroys the community from within. Hopefully this is not what's going on here The server runs Gracia client which I haven't played yet but sounds nice: a reminisce of C1-C4 but with addition of High5 utility features. It may work! I saw posts on other forums, that Spellhowlers can dual-spellshot any character thanks to their vortexes. I also would like to try DE Archer. Can you tell me what's better choice to start with as a casual player, irregular schedule, masochist, likes people but hops clans/parties/servers?: DE Archer + Prophet dualbox (cos Prophet can rez), or DE Mage + EE/PP/SE? And also, are random quests worthy of doing here? Cos I saw the improved rates of quest reward and drop but I don't know what are the rewards - are they displayed before you take the quest, just as they are on High5? Or it's like Interlude, where you have to find info in the internet? [edit] There are shops in Giran and that is great. but There is like max. 1 signal per 0.4 sec input, as higher frequency causes the server to ignore signals from my end, catchin only one per half a sec. Idk ow am I gonna kite with an archer and dualbox a prophet at once. Or how cardis maintain partys alive Also, it seems that this server also has spoiled bratty kids which try very hard at this game and ruin the rest of community. Not good I opened party matcing and nobody's using it. Damnit.At least there are some people in Giran, there are many shops in Giran, there are low shots shops in Dion and there is some clan announcing recruitment to academy.