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MoragTong Academy Recruitment

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As in title MT is recruiting ppl to academy. We offer CH in Aden, castle with buffs and teleports to low lvl spots in Dion, some help and tips and adena reward depending by time spend in academy. exacly:
2kk for ppl who graduate in 24h,
1kk for 2-3 days.
We recruit only ppl below 17 lvl.
Unfortunately we have to kick players who dont graduate after 3 days, bcuz in most cases they never finish it or they're just cameras.
If u're interested pm Gogita or CaiusCosades in game.

P.S.     For ppl from other clans. Dont put cameras inside. If u cant afford to help new players let us do that. We're already tired of kicking academics who joins and never again logs in, or stays 4ever at 47 lvl... There is nothing to spy or smth cuz we use clan chat only to flame eachother, make fun of Kruchy and drama. U dont harm us in that way but only new players.

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