lf system - with 4th skillbar/colors

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https://mega.nz/#!3xpDEZjb!8zCNEbLrHim-cUPRMU4_Q8nWh5dMxiOpSffEwhYAVr8  interface.xdat  4th panel

https://mega.nz/#!LlI31KTL!nkXcPvRU22rA8Eo-XhcaGTccYx2G4xKZM5j26ZiUPYQ   systemmsg-e.dat  chat colors, onscreen msg

https://mega.nz/#!2kpgkLiS!0k-A5cHUAUiA7eqlwJrivgV3Ql8j49cSDvLLHqkoD_w   skillgrp.dat  noblesse in debuffs

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Don't forget to add changed files to exceptions (launcher window right bottom corner, click on "Edit exceptions"):


and save and close the file - otherwise launcher will rewrite it with next update.

For system messages just check "Keep my system messages" at the bottom of launcher.

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