CP/party LF SwS/WC/BD or DD

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We are 6 ppl playing together active all on european time zones. We have all supports, in fact I can say we probably have top lvl supports on the whole server as well as being the best or 2nd best party on the whole server. A reliable guy who proves himself in time on a buffer will get a high lvl buffer to play. It is about activity and playing for the party, not being selfish.

We can take DD instead of BD, for the DD we are flexible on the class.

Pm me here on forum your in game name so we can invite you to ts and discuss your application

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Hey mate, iam looking for a Server like this and downloading the Server right now, i would like to play a DD  and also would be good if i had a party to play with. 

I dont know if you are looking for players who are already lvl 30 or 50 but if not then i would like to play with you guys :) I can play any DD, mage or Fighter, about Sws and BD i dont have experience. I really would like to play with you :D So write me if you are interested:) so I can start with the Class that  i will play :) Mage or Fighter it doesnt matter to me, just say which one would be the best and I will play it.

Iam an active player, usually online from 20:00 to 23:00 or 24:00 GMT+ 1.

Iam from Germany and like you see can speak English :D

TS is also no problem , i like it more than Raidcall ^^.

So thats all I wanted to say ! :) See you ingame :)

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Hello there,

We had conversation on tuesday about slot for overload in your CP.
Short version - I'm from Bulgaria and my verbal english is level -1.

Playing mostly for fun 2-3 hours per day between 20:00 - 24:00 with dinner break. Not very skilled player with 300 apm just playing lazy for entertainment.

All kind of team actions are priority because I can't anymore farm more 30 min alone without getting borred.

Atm don't have much time, probably December will have less work.

You can pm in game -> Masterwork

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