What is going on with the server ?

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I've played here in the past. It was a very nice setup ( retail like, no pay to win, etc.) servers like this don't exist anymore but there were no people and now that i talked with some friends and discussed bout coming here to make a cp and play i can't reach the server site. Can anyone tell me what's going on here ? Is the server alive ?



Thank you,

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srver is alive like never before ....i mean it seriously ;) ....some small changes to setup ....some old ppls came back ...some new faces also found this server ..... ;) 


if u wanna just come and enjoy it .... btw official site doesnt work for long time ....only this forum site ...but here is everything u need to play on ... ;)


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as @Aphr0 said, we took website off and redirect everything to forums. You can find all the necessary info in the right panel under the "Announcements". Server is still the same, except we raised rates a little to help newcomers to get gear faster. Also since the population is smaller, we decided to lower amount of characters needed to enter some of the instances.

We are also slowly working on High Five extender for L2OFF. Once that is done, we will open new High Five server.

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