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Oren Territory Earring

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Oren's S80 Guard earring gives "Paralysis attack +15%" , "hold defense +10%" as you can see from the screenshot below. 

However in my passive skills it shows that I have increased resistance to hold (no problem) BUT gives bonus for Bleed not Paralysis. Screen below.

Am I the only one having this issue ? 

Oren Earring.jpg


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Hi, it's just a wrong text in the client, skill effect is

effect = {{p_defence_trait;trait_hold;15};{p_attack_trait;trait_paralyze;15};{p_defence_attribute;attr_unholy;8}}

for the first level of skill and

effect = {{p_defence_trait;trait_hold;15};{p_attack_trait;trait_paralyze;15};{p_max_cp;{all};5;per;0};{p_defence_attribute;attr_unholy;10}}

for the second level of skill

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