lf people to play

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Yo,i am going to start next week on the server,but its lowrate and it will take loooong time to solo until find a company,so i ask from now :D

I dont know what to play yet,propably wc box farming manor at cruma porta room,killing the time until farm some millions from steels,or bd/wolf/wc and stay out of the sun inside the catacombs,like i did on RF :D

I can play many classes that i am skillfun on,but i don't know really what will i play.(bd and wc farm,propably change when i get more serious xD)

Just want to find guys/grills (yeah) to make the instances that comes later,and farm to hellbound for centuries... normal farm and have fun,instead of "SCREW YOU MALAKA YOU SUCK" -> BOOM -> BUTTHURT left the clan.

ohhh yeah i forgot,i lf academy with reward,1000 Euro and girl with car house and job to carry me to life.:x

My Regards,

iSee the Malaka

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