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Found 4 results

  1. Not really sure what the problem is, when I try and enable enterchat, or change keybinds I get d/c'd. It's a fresh install of the client and updated with the patcher. Edit: For some reason it's working normally now after I stopped using battleping - still weird though. D:
  2. Zdravim, Nejde mi sweepnout mob Trampled man, Zkusil jsem reset klientu jestli neni nejaky divny ale ne, nejde to vubec, muzete to zkusit nekdo jiny? jestli je problem jenom u me nebo celkove? Diky.
  3. I noticed when I teleport sometimes it gives me this prompt box. Is this by design or a bug? Can this be turned off, kind of annoying? First time it happened when I teleported to Orc Barracks Second time it happened Gludin to Gludio \
  4. Hello, I was playing and I got these screens. And a message like "don't use bad words".