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  1. @Nukem ok. As you want. Sorry. Event for 3 players.
  2. I meant what me need make few supports before wanting a pet. And if server have some customs why not change Servitor support magic to Servitor/Pet? Nothing more i wanted. I played on this chronicle with full buff and on x55 rates and know what and where need. And sure, in solo style impossible farm in Gracia and Hellbound serious. Need good party (few party) from live people for farm this locations. In general, i'm tried to said what if players cares about stable online then they must cares about "first impression" of new players. No traders sell/buy for resources/recipes/materials talking about no craft. This is enough for leave from this server even if he has gifts up to B grade (time limited gifts). LOL People cares about no wasting own time for nothing. //leave_discuss
  3. Did you played on the official servers with x1 rates? Checked player's markets? Currently player's stores contains the items only for have "reason" be sitting on the offline trade and make the online. How many people buy resources and parts for craft? A, S, S80, S84 can be taken as gift too? And i know what meaning Dunning–Kruger effect. Not need me reminding about it. I judge about what i see the last 2 months.
  4. I spoke about player's market not NPCs. I'm sure what 7s event works fine. Adventurer's Guild buffs not available for pets. Only for summons. If you want more players you must cares not about events - about items for players 20-50 levels. I see many offline characters have items from admins, cause no logic sell sealed and enchanted items. Also epic jewels. Overall the player's market it's artificial, not original from usual players.
  5. No market. Can't buy Mammon goods. Can't buy recipes/fabrics for equip C/B/A/S grades. 80% sellers sell the crap for recommendation (sit only for making vision of good server online). Premium don't works correctly. No pet buffs. Need runs 3-4 window for supports. No interest from people. All want use bots. All clan halls owners is offline clans. Available only one clan hall for auction from Dion. And you wanna what people playing in this shit? Wasting a time for server what can be closed because no interest from player side in next few months?
  6. Add the ability to Newbie Helper for buff pets. Currently buff available only for servitors.