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  1. PiffPaff

    WTS/WTT proofs

    Then I will order 12k aswell!
  2. PiffPaff

    Celestial vs dtargets

    It doesn't protect you against debuffs either.
  3. PiffPaff

    Sacrifice enchant

    The skill changes in the Gracia Epilogue patch: current: http://l2j.ru/graciafinal/index.php?p=19&skid=69 epilogue: http://l2j.ru/graciaepilogue/index.php?p=19&skid=69
  4. If I find a 7 day hat within the next days, I will hunt you down irl.
  5. The reward is a cocktail 30/30 times. There goes hard work in coming up with worse and worse event rewards. The only thing the cocktails do is to pour oil into the Zariche/LastRun/GM drama because that's the only use those have - and the only thing we get.
  6. PiffPaff

    Silent Valley Treasure sack

    Well, that's why it is in the bug forum
  7. PiffPaff

    Silent Valley Treasure sack

    Well I never had that kind of bad luck on the retail, so I was wondering if it was a bug related to having more than 80% in inventory, yet still being able to open the sack without getting an item.
  8. PiffPaff

    Silent Valley Treasure sack

    Hello. I was hunting in Silent Valley today, and I got 4 of those Treasure sacks. I opened them while my inventory was on 73/80 items, and I got 0 items out of every sack. I am not 100% sure it is a bug, but it seemed a bit too much to not get a single item 4 times in a row.
  9. PiffPaff

    WTS Fire Stones

    Selling 41+ Fire Stones 10kk each in Giran or make me an offer. "PiffPaff
  10. I don't even find an event NPC ;o And What does it mean they will spawn between 20:00 and 21:00? Will They only spawn in between this time? Or from there on?
  11. PiffPaff

    Cursed weapons

    Still doesn't adress the main concern about the weapon... There are soooo many ways to kill it without being a hero: - lethal strike .... end of list. So gogo level a Dagger or Archer to 76+ just to hunt Zariche!
  12. PiffPaff

    Adena rate

    I don't really see the problem here at all. There are shadow weapons and common weapons all the way. People are giving out Adena for academy or just spend a lot of money on simple basic mats. You can use common A grade weapons/armors until lvl 79+ easily. A top A armor costs like 3 million on the market. To earn 3 million you have to spend an hour or two spoiling in the Branded catacombs or sell the AA you earn at the same time. You can buy a Top A grade common Weapon for 9 million, which isn't much harder to come by either. There are plenty of ways to make the money to get the items you want/need. So in the end the increased Adena drop rate would only help like really, really new players that try to buy the class change quest at lvl 40 or make the first common items easier, but for that you can always try to sell your academy points or ask someone to help you out. There is a multitude of quests than can make you the 3 million adena for the lvl 40 class change quest aswell. If you increase the drop rate for Adena from 3x to 6x you will only decrease the value of the current money on players and make a lot of people mad - since the items on the market will simply double the price. Lose lose situation.
  13. PiffPaff

    Adena rate

    When Gracia came around people used S grade because nobody was on Hellbound for a long time. There was no lvl 84+ and full gear - people just started Fire stones for the first time.
  14. PiffPaff

    Adena rate

    Well, if you hit me up ingame I can give you at least some A grade boots/gloves (common) since they drop in the hundreds. I can only give you the advise to try the HS quest (lvl 68+) and sell some Taeto recs. I get that not everybody has the same time to put in, so I just try to give some ideas - because I don't think that the increase in Adena drop rate will change anything in the long run.
  15. PiffPaff

    Adena rate

    What lvl are you to earn 1 million Adena a day? You can go to isle of prayers and farm Fire stones to earn easy 5-6kk each. You can run the Hotsprings quest for S grade jewelery recs for 2 million each. People buy that stuff because there is hardly anything else to spend their money on right now. Even a spoiler can go to lvl 40 catacombs and spoil 100 sop and sell them to buy shops on the market to make 3,5kk. For 100 SoP you have to spoil maybe 140 mobs.