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  1. lol only a crybaby would say that
  2. I haven't seen a single dynasty set yet, everyone's farming. Now is not the time.
  3. Welcome Let's make this server populated!
  4. Ok I remember there were herbs in devastated castle and the list confirms it but they were probably added later on.
  5. Is this list valid for the server?
  6. Thank you. I also joined discord.
  7. I suggest you add a chatbox in forum. It will promote the direct communication of the members as they will be able to ask questions or simply greet others without opening a new thread. Do you like the idea and is it possible?
  8. That's another problem of an incomplete maps folder. Maybe your client is corrupt. Did you download it from one of the sources provided by Shrine? I downloaded it yesterday and everything is working like a charm.
  9. delete maps folder, repair the client and rerun the shrine updater
  10. Hello everyone! I have been playing l2 in the past few months (interlude and some classic) and decided to join a gracia server after a long time. I hardly remember anything about this chronicle ( brainwashed by IL ugh ) but I am looking forward to playing and experiencing everything again. See ya ig