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  1. Well, i agree with you...but some people simply don't have talent for sarcasm...
  2. Oh, so according to you everybody all around the world has played Lineage 2 just because it has been out for yonks and those people who don't know everything about it should be banned. Really? I am not sure who is more .... you, who wrote this post, or the person who liked it.
  3. I also have noticed that. I play elemental summoner. In the beginning the Life Cubic heals at a good firing rate, but after a while it seems it gets lazy.
  4. It is about 275 ms so it would help a lot.
  5. - I get 15 ms - I get 145 ms
  6. I live in South America. It is about 275. I tried the São Paulo one and i got 15.
  7. Thank you so much Emca. That is what i meant. Few tweaks are necessary and welcome, but we can't forget it is retail server. You guys are doing a great job, btw.
  8. I hope they don't change the server features because that is why we chose it to play on. As some people said it is a retail server and we must keep that in mind. If you want a custom server then you better look for another one.
  9. Would that help players in South America to get a lower ping too or only players in Australia?