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Hunt for Pirate Captain Uthanka's Treasure

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Hunt for Pirate Captain Uthanka's Treasure

It's been long since Pirate Captain Uthanka was driven off Talking Island and to this very day nobody knew what happened with Uthanka's hidden treasure. Some said Uthanka took all the treasure with him to his exile, some thought no treasure ever existed. But the fact was that while Uthanka was running away in hurry, most of his treasure was left scattered and lost behind him - but nobody knew that, because the treasure was protected by an ancient spell Uthanka accidentally found in old ship wreckage. The spell was so strong it kept all the treasure chests and key bundles invisible for years and Uthanka knew that and was waiting in secret. Now the day has come and all the treasure started to appear and Uthanka returns to get his treasure back!

How to participate in the event

Monsters in locations listed below drop keys and deluxe keys, there is a chance that Uthanka's Treasure Chest will also spawn. Keys can be used to open Uthanka's Treasure Chests, that will reward you with silver and gold coins. You can then purchase hats, masks and agathions with these coins using L2 Shrine Event Manager located in Giran.

Hunting locations

  • Ruins of Despair (level 15 - 24) - Gludio territory
  • Cruma Marshlands (level 25 - 35) - Dion territory
  • Plunderous Plains (level 30 - 40) - Schuttgart territory
  • Sea of Spores (level 40 - 49) - Oren territory
  • Outlaw Forest (level 46 - 55) - Oren territory
  • Fields of Massacre (level 55 - 70) - Aden territory
  • Wall of Argos (level 68 - 76) - Goddard territory
  • Isle of Prayer (level 70 - 79) - Heine territory
  • Imperial Tomb (level 76 - 78) - Goddard territory


Event start: 01/30/2017 6:00 AM CET
Event end: 02/27/2017 6:00 AM CET
Event manager will disappear: 03/06/2017 6:00 AM CET
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