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This newly created Italian clan, that has recently been playing on L2Gigarent, is currently looking for additional members. We already are more than 20 active players; a solid group that is set up as a proper clan and that will always be there to help you.

After our experience on L2Gigarent did not go as planned, mainly due to the server being prematurely shut down, we decided to move here as a group. Our primary concern is, at the moment, keeping our people together.

Rules And Regulations
Playing with us is easy! All you’ll have to do is follow these three rules:

  • Actively participate in all clan activities. These include both normal and epic raids, Hellbound parties, and several others. Whenever you’re called to join an activity you should drop what you’re doing and promptly respond;
  • Use Discord. Discord is a freely available voice-chat program that the clan uses to keep in contact with all of its members. While it might seem accessory to you, success depends on our ability to constantly plan and coordinate our efforts. You are, thus, required to join our discord server. While we would love if you could talk back, being able to listen is what you should first and foremost aim for.
  • Clan Crafts are not mandatory, but encouraged. You are free to craft your own gear by yourself. If you wish to join the clan’s crafting efforts, you will be asked to deposit your mats and recipes in the Clan Warehouse. This last bullet might be revised for High Five, where crafting is relatively secondary.

Get In contact!
If you wish to know more about the clan, you can directly join our Discord server at:
Once you are in, look for Fobia, Iraku, Reykrot, Diavel, Laguna, UDchiappala or Kuja/Bobs. These are our clan’s Officers and will be most suited to help you.

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Oh oh! Hey :D sono JohnnyBravo, ero anch'io nel tuo clan su Dex, giocavo con Ysondre e TheMisticOrc poi ho smesso poco dopo che han quittato loro due. 

Come ti vanno le cose? Ho alcuni amici che giocano qui . Io sto giocando su un altro server IL ( lo stesso dal quale sono scappati i TM eheh ) .

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23 hours ago, Artegras said:

ci sono ancora italiani nel server? vorrei chiedere delle info

ciao arte, penso ci siano, ho visto thesis postare il 15 maggio nel post di reclutamento del loro clan. scarico il client e mi faccio un giretto per vedere com'è il server.

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