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Beta is starting!

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Dear players,

welcome on a brand new server L2 Shrine.

Open beta starts today (2016, August 20) and if everything goes well, it will run until September 30, then we'll perform server wipe, remove beta NPC and open server for playing on October 1 at 20:00 (UTC+2).

You can find basic server information on about server page, if you want to start playing here, have a look at how to play page.

In case of any questions use our Forum.

There is Beta NPC in Giran near gatekeeper, you can use her to change your level, get adena from her etc.

Maybe you're asking "Another server again? Why should I play here?". Our server differs from the other servers in these details:

  • No donate, ever. We don't want donate, it spoils the game.
  • We're using our own L2off-based core and we made it open source.
  • Retail settings - apart from fixing NCsoft bugs and few small additions (for example offline trade) we have everything set up as it was once on official servers.
  • We're planning continuous update to Gracia Epilogue and probably even to Freya.
  • We're active team with stable background and we don't depend on external suppliers, we code everything on our own.


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