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Aqua Cubic Issue

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Dear L2Shrine GMs.

I recognized one thing, we have a little issue with the "Summon Aqua Cubic" and "Mass Summon Aqua Cubic". (Elemental Summoner)
I just did my second class transfer yesterday, and i tried to use that cubic, but something weird, because if I target the enemy and Me and my unicorn start to attack
that cubic don`t do nothing. I just hit the second class transfer yesterday with the new update. So i don`t know it worked or not before the update.

I can summon, so that means the cubic around my head, but don`t do nothing. the life cubic is working fine.

Or if i do something wrong. :)

Thank You

Aqua Cubic Report.jpg

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Thank you, was really fast :) 5*

As described, after restart the issue is solved, now i can use this skill. Tested!!
(Elemental Summoner)
"Summon Aqua Cubic"
"Mass Summon Aqua Cubic"

Thank you.

Aqua Cubic Works.jpg

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