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Questy s navýšeným drop ratem quest itemů

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U následujících questů byl mírně navýšen drop rate questových itemů tak, abychom hráče motivovali k jejich dělání, ale zase ne tak, aby to bylo nějak moc jednoduché. Proto jsme nedávali u všech questů stejný rate, ale úpravy jsme šili questům na tělo, a následně i úpravy otestovali. 

U questu Clean up the Swamp of Screams byl navýšen počet Golden Ram Coins, které dostáváte za Talons of Stakato. Podobný proncip jsme použili i u questů War with Ketra Orcs a War with Varka Silenos, kde za nadropované Molars of Ketra Orc a Varka`s Manes dostanete zvýšený počet Buffalo Horns a Nepenthes Seeds.

Levels Name NPC Requirements Reward
20-75 Yoke of the Past Not defined No Requirements Blank Scrolls
39-56 Devil's Legacy [Warehouse Keeper] Randolf No Requirements adena - Randolf
EWD, EA/WC, C equip, mat - Collob
40-60 Coins of Magic [Warehouse Keeper] Sorint No Requirements Various
46-54 Influx of Machines [Collector] Gutenhagen No Requirements Low B Weapon Recipe
48-55 1000 years, the End of Lamentation [Antharas Watchman] Gilmore No Requirements Adena + for spec items (mats, enchants, full C gear)
50+ Seductive Whispers [Blacksmith] Wilbert No Requirements Various - adena + top b weapon recipes + enchants
51+ Exploration of the Giants Cave - Part 1 Sobbling No Requirements Low A armor recipes
55+ Exploration of the Giants Cave - Part 2 Sobbling Exploration of the Giants Cave - Part 1 - Drop of Mysterious Book Top A armor recipes except robes
52-59 Plunder Their Supplies [Guard] Coleman No Requirements Adena
53-63 An Ice Merchant's Dream Rafforty No Requirements CL, CBP, Steel
55-60 Kail's Magic Coin [Head Blacksmith] Vergara Royal Membership low/High A weapon recipes
56-66 Whisper of Dreams, Part 1 [Seer] Manakia No Requirements A grade robe fabrics (choosable)
58-75 Stolen Dignity [Warehouse Freightman] Romp No Requirements A grade weapon keys
59-75 Legacy of Insolence [Warehouse Keeper] Walderal No Requirements A-grade boot / helm / glove fabrics & recipes
60-67 For Sleepless Deadmen [High Priest] Orven No Requirements random A accessory/shield parts
60-71 Heart in Search of Power Mysterious Necromancer No Requirements Asofe, thons, enria, MH
60-74 Whisper of Dreams, Part 2 [Seer] Manakia Mysterious Stone random A grade robe recipe
63-77 Necromancer's Request Mysterious Wizard No Requirements Adena, ML, MH, enria, adam. nug.
65-73 Delicious Top Choice Meat [Beast Herder] Tunatun No Requirements MG, asofe, thons, ML, enria, MH
65-73 In the Forgotten Village Mina No Requirements Adena, EXP
MG, asofe, thons, MO, SoP
66-80 Clean up the Swamp of Screams [Mercenary Captain] Pierce Golden Ram Badge - Recruit or Golden Ram Badge - Soldier buffs, material
66+ The Zero Hour [Mercenary] Kahman Completion of the In Search of the Nest Quest high material
68-75 Shadow of Light Eye of Argos No Requirements S gr. Acessory keys
71-78 Watching Eyes Eye of Argos No Requirements S gr. Acessory keys
71-78 The Finest Food [Chef] Jeremy No Requirements S grade acessory RCP
73-78 Daimon the White-Eyed - Part 1 Eye of Argos No Requirements To summon Daimon (Quest part 2)
73-80 Seekers of the Holy Grail [High Priest] Innocentin No Requirements ews / eas, adena - random
73-80 Guardians of the Holy Grail [Priest] Dominic No Requirements 1x ews / eas
74-80 War with Varka Silenos [Hierarch] Kadun Zu Ketra Mark of Ketra's Alliance - Level 1 or higher. S grade armor rcp
74-80 War with Ketra Orcs [Hierarch] Ashas Varka Durai Mark of Varka's Alliance - Level 1 or higher. S grade armor rcp
74-80 Gather the Flames [Blacksmith of Flame] Vulcan No Requirements S grade weapon rcp
74-80 Relics of the Old Empire Ghost of Adventurer No Requirements S grade weapon rcp
75+ A Powerful Primeval Creature Dinn No Requirements Top A weapon recipe
75+ Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe Singsing No Requirements Top A weapon keys (5) random
lvl 80 a 79 (summoner) spellbooks
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