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Noční klub prijme aktivni ceske a slovenske hrace -DD-Dykare,magy,kamaelce,lukare,destra OL BD BiSH

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Československy  klan skladajici se z pracujicich lidi kolem 30let veku,prijme do sveho kolektivu aktivni hrace .Preferujeme pouzivani Ts minimalne na poslech pri akcich RB CS TW  a vek alespon 18+.Rady,pomoc pri expu nebo s eqipem neni problem,pokud hrac bude komunikovat,bude se chovat slusne  a hrat aktivne(v ramci moznosti samozrejme)                                              

Klan lvl 8         Hrad Rune    clan hala Rune                                                                                                                                                                                                                         pm zde nebo ve hre nick Ibalgin,Anabolika,Papirovykapesnik,Krvavytanecnik,,Pleskanec,,Sexslayer,Tama,Tltanla,Carter

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Hello. Welcome on board. 

Clan Nocniklub is now opening academy and paying out academics.

We require:

-speak english
-Maximum level 16
-finish second ocupation in 3 days

We offer:

- 4.000.000 after completion second class transfer (this payment for your work is unstable, is possible it will go higher, depends on another factors like how individual want sacrifice his time for making money)

You can contact me in game (SexSlayer) between

Mon - Fri
17:00 - 22:30 (CET)

Sat - Sun
10:00 - 22:30 (CET)



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Academy recruitment closed

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