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IMPORTANT: Castle sieges and daylight saving time

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Dear players,

as you might have heard, the daylight saving time will be shifting this Saturday late night. We don't agree with this (it only causes problems and has no real benefits in 21st century) so we'll keep server in UTC+1 zone (standard time without daylight savings).

Please be aware that castle sieges will happen at 17:00 UTC+2 and 21:00 UTC+2 from now on!

Also all other events will be "shifted" by one hour (against UTC+2), so territory wars will begin on 21:00 UTC+2 (which is 20:00 UTC+1), seven signs periods will switch around 19:00 UTC+2 (18:00 UTC+1)

When you use command .time, you'll see server time (UTC+1), not central european summer time (UTC+2).

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