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  1. Ahojte, sme klan pracujucich ludi s dlhorocnou tradiciou hlavne na ceskoslovenskych serveroch / asi najviac sroubkolandia ale tu nam je super / hranie pre zabavu a oddych .Sme otvoreni pre medzinarodnych hracov, aspon sa naucime nove jazyky Ja dufam ze nepride vela čínanov... Klan Level 7 , hala Aden ,v pripade akcii mame aj TS .Sme v aliancii ForgottenRealms s podobnymi klanmi a hracmi. v hre PM Milinka,Mili,Babi, Brutus, Pendolina, Neoras, alebo niekto od klanu Maestros. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, we are a clan consisting mainly of working people with a long tradition especially on Czechoslovak servers / this server is super / Playing for fun and relaxation. We are open for international players - at least we will learn new languages I'm hoping , there will be not too much of chinese incomming players... Level 7 clan, Aden Hall, TS also for clan action if necessary. We are in small alliance ForgottenRealms with similar clans- Conundrum and Jormsviking. In the game PM Milinka, Mili, Babi, Brutus, Pendolina, Neoras or any clan member of Maestros