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  1. Some of us got disconnected suddenly. But I could log in again.
  2. rioss

    Holas, buenas.

    Hola, Mi nombre en el juego es el mismo, rioss Si quieres algo, me dices.
  3. Oh, it happened before. It's okey.
  4. Hello, I was playing and I got these screens. And a message like "don't use bad words".
  5. Hello, The GK at Dwarven Village costs money and I dont have 2nd class yet. When I'm at other villages, their GK it's free. Greetings,
  6. rioss


    Hola, de España.
  7. rioss


    Buenas, ¿Hay latinos/españoles jugando por aquí? ¿Qué tal está el servidor en cuanto a gente, tiendas y vida?