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  1. Best thing to do is to update and DON'T wipe and DON'T open a new server.
  2. Is there any chance that we will have a new chronicle? Most of the people are in the end game and there aren't many things to do now, also new chronicle may attract new players.
  3. pegas

    WTB RED 13

    WTB RED 13, mail Baloo in game
  4. any news about the event? when are you going to implement it?
  5. All th All that you mentioned are perfect and maybe limited time A/S grade equipment so that the new players can catch up easier.
  6. I guess it won't hurt anybody to have an event for a month or 2. Give us something new to farm...
  7. Hello there, What about an event that allows the new players to get D/C/B items or maybe some buff scrolls to help them a bit, or even some vitality items? Have a nice day.