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  1. Thank you for all the replies, I decided to give the server a go again
  2. Hey Everyone, I played a few months here on L2shrine when it launched and it was nice. Then I quit because my former clan was not very cooperative and everyone started soloing on their own. Soloing and grinding every day for hours is an option for me anymore, you know job, girlfriend, friend, etc... I'm thinking of coming back to play casually and I would like to ask for your honest opinion. Do you think it's worth returning to the server to play casually? I know the population is not that high (~150-200 active maybe) but are there good active clans where people work together? Is th
  3. Clave


    Szuper! Mi a karakter neved?
  4. Clave


    Vajon vannak magyar játékosok a szerveren?
  5. Waiting for Final Fantasy XV... Maybe Square manages to make a proper FF game for the first time since FF X...
  6. Hey, I'm a returning L2 player decided to revisit the game after a ~4 year break. I will not be playing as hardcore as I used to when I was younger but still willing to put some decent effort into it if the community is good. I'm looking for a friendly clan, preferably mid/low hardcore as I can't afford unfortunately to play a huge amount (still have some time though) and I don't want to become a liability for anyone by not catching up in levels. I have played for about 3 years and I have always rolled a tank, planning to create one here as well. Edit: in the end I decided to