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  1. I wish this server would wipe and restart as 1x
  2. EmperorDog

    WTS/WTT proofs

    How many you got?
  3. How about some rounds of Hide and Seek for a Hat of choice? ;D
  4. I thought normal mice spawn all the time and only giant once at that time
  5. Buying Drac Armor recs / DLE Full or Rec pm here and or Fiore / EmperorDog ingame. All Hail EmperorDog
  6. Just a quality of life suggestion that is not retail like but maybe its something one could think about: Reduce/remove mp cost for crafting. Like, I have about 15000 a.bones in my WH and crafting them to CBP is 1500 clicks which cost mana and it basicly takes all day because dorfs run out of mana, even my SE goes oom.
  7. How about some Event before Christmas! Some where we can win permanent hats maybe.. and other stuff! Make Farming Great Again?
  8. A couple of hundred people, check Giran market. It's pretty chill and we can raid and siege but a little more people would make it more interesting! Lots of English speaking people.
  9. Its a good idea, people just have different viewpoints ;D 1) Its a good idea because you spend less time for the same result 2) omg somebody is gonna get ahead of me
  10. Hey hey, great event Idea, I want a hat.. however - I think you need to add something for the people who are supposed to sign up and lvl to 40 else they might not even use the referral link (like, they might find the server this way but not register through it..) maybe add some exp boost or quest help ?
  11. I mean Topics in the Czech General Forum like "Server down" "RB Drops" "TW" "Something NPC" - general information or issues that players might have found ( I dont know I dont speak czech) which might be of interest to everyone. Google translate doesnt work so well
  12. There seems to be much discussion in the CZech forum that trigger GM responses regarding server settings, RBs etc. Cant you guys post those here so we know whats going on too? Its weird if half the server keeps talking to GMs about who knows what
  13. EmperorDog

    Queen Ant

    Queen ant always worked like Jorn described on retail, I dont see a problem(?)