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  1. dziewial

    Varka - mob amount

    Oh yes You all are right, my bad, i look into my screenshots, there was so little mobs, As EmperorDog said it was added. But in Freya was much more No excuses. i was wrong according to Pagan, i must wait for my CL to go there ;] i have to low lvl but you can check it it is first room and any side rooms there
  2. dziewial

    Varka - mob amount

    i really do not remember that there were less mobs there but i looks as you show. ok what about social agro of mobs in pagan? It is ok in the same room but they also aggro from others room is it correct?
  3. dziewial

    Varka - mob amount

    As you said it is PTS not RETAIL so yes they can have bugs in PTS, i try to search any info from my "archives" - movies screenshots... it is long time, and many hardware changes but i try to give you reliable info. To be clear i am greatfull about this server, You do really good job and it is great fun to play real lineage2 not GoD like L2 which shouldn't be called l2 for me but when i see something wrong i want to tell you about it, and i will not crticize you Job, just only sayin
  4. dziewial

    Varka - mob amount

    I spent many many hours on Varka since c4 to GoD, on Official server not any private and there was more mobs so? And of course mobs social aggro from other rooms in Pagan?? Do not try to tell me that this is like RETAIL because it is not. Lets wait till more players write here about it.
  5. dziewial

    Varka - mob amount

    there was more mobs since varka shown in C4... and there is the same problem in Pagan, where additionali mobs aggro behind walls from other rooms. And it is not retail like. Check it. Because it is hugeeee bugs.
  6. dziewial

    Varka - mob amount

    Hi, i was played in L2 official servers (ncsoft, not private) and as far as i remember there was much more mobs in Varka. Especially on "general" spot just before Varka Village. Please Check it
  7. dziewial

    TW? Oo

    I do not want to talk for everyone but i my clan opinion is that setup like now is great As Emca says every week fun.
  8. dziewial

    Stigma of Shilen dont work

    Stigma has 100% land rade even in H5, but i think that stigma is on mob but it does not work as it should. Does not decrease shot-weapon resistance.
  9. Hi We are tryin to make clan lvl 4 quest, we have droped almost all items but we cannot drop from Oel Mahum Witch Doctor, we are doing this quest since 6 PM GMT+2 so circa 5 hours, Please check this quest