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    Witam. Kilka dni temu zacząłem tu grę. Moją główną postacią będzie bd lub wc którzy koksani będą przez wl. Narazie wszystko 32 lvl ale powoli idzie do góry. Jak ktoś chce wspólnie pograć to pm honka w grze albo tu w temacie.
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    Heh The game is so fu*king bad we all love it... I must admit I'm bit tempted to start playing somewhere (not here because everyone would go frenzy you know "Hey she's supporting that clan") Yes, it's really bad. It's worse than all drugs I've tried in my life. LSD and MDMA is nothing compared to this game (because L2 is really addictive; the easiest way of getting rid of it is making your own server). Maybe quality wine can compete with it. Really. DON'T PLAY IT ... On the other way, it's much much better than LOTRO, STO and lot of other modern MMORPGs because many of them are carebear games. It's a great old competitive game. Just treat it that way.