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  1. Hi My friends left me alone on this server and playing becomes little boring. I need some ppl to talk, exp, quests, RBs etc. My characters: WC - lvl 68 + wolf lvl 66 SWS- lvl 69 (maybe 70 now O_o I don't remember ) BH- lvl 54 In future i'll make Human tank or BD. Is there any clan with place for such low-lvls like me? PS. Sorry for weak english^^
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    Hello everyone! I'm 30years old half nerd, half MTB biker. Situation in the world (i mean corona-sh*t) is forcing me to install this game again after few years. I was stop playing in 2012 till now, so... i'm newbie again. I forgot many things and exp-ways. Maybe some of you ppl do remember L2ex server, where i was play in BMF clan. If u do, plz let me know. Any old enemy is potencial friend now. I hope for good play atmosphere, which is best on private low-rate servers. My old L2 in-game nicks was: Shaezaar, Siddhartha, Avicularia, Trzpiot, Pigwa. I'll try drag some old frien