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    WTB red 15

    WTB red 15
  2. Hello, this morning i try to register for TW but it was not possible, and i see no1 is registered too, please check it! Thanks in advance!
  3. wtt for vesper cutter or vesper duals - pm me /in forum / if u have some of those items pls
  4. and when we expect any updates with or without pagan changes - if i can ask this?
  5. Ok i understand - u wanna make me farm there in hard way - ty again!
  6. Ok - i see - am not only 1 who face this problem - ok - thanks for your time - i am sure and i hope one day you will understand - is it possible all players know only java servers ... i don't think so - i play this game more than 10 years and was in probably more than 30 servers - this is first pagan like this that i ever seen - it's possible that am in big mistake, but when so many players talk abouth it i think its time to check "official H5 data that u have" ... i dont know - i just see this and report - thats all - thank you again!
  7. When i kill all mobs in first big room in pagan temple they are not renew /probably time for renew is too big/ like other mobs and they are just few - i think they was just 4. Please check them and make them more /10-12/ and with normal renew time. Thanks in advance!