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  1. I just thought it could be beneficial for the server to give Cookies (the item to replenish your vitality) as a reward for voting. I base my idea on the fact that, on other servers where I have played (low rates, gracia final mainly) where there was donation system, the most demanded items where always those related to Vitality, for example: - Different types of Agathions (with a duration of 7/30 days) which one can equip to gain a buff skill similar to the Vitality Replenish Herb, with a determined duration and cooldown. - Vitality replenish potion, single or in packs of determined quantities. So I believe Vitality is an attractive reward to encourage people to vote more. If one cookie is excessive for a single vote (which i personally think it is), a vote points system could be implemented be it via website or directly in-game (being the second a lot more attractive for the players, of course). What do you think?