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  1. kLar

    Lost Pet

    Thank you.
  2. kLar

    Lost Pet

    I don't really know. It may be probably 3-4 days ago.
  3. kLar

    Lost Pet

    Hello, I have lost my pet on kLaz. A wolf lvl 78. Can i please get it back? Thank you for your help
  4. kLar

    Birthday Cake

    Hello. Is it a bug or a feature the fact that you can't steal the birthday buff with the buff steal talisman? Thanks.
  5. kLar

    HB Citadel

    Hi, In citadel some of the town patrolman detects me even with dance of shadows. I know from other servers this wasn't happening. Is it normal or is it bug? Plus why some attack and some don't?
  6. kLar

    Kookabura pet

    Hey, I will be on Rakito now if possible.
  7. kLar

    Kookabura pet

    Most probably, yesterday 29 nov. Thank you
  8. kLar

    Kookabura pet

    Hello, My in-game nick is Rakito and my damn chicken ran away because she didn't liked me. also i didn't fed it but she was fat.... Can you please tell her to come back to me? I really miss her. I put posters all over Giran hoping someone will find it. Thank you very much, and hope she doesn't run into any agro mobs.