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  1. Hey thanks for this info, I 'm definitely going to add this to my routine!
  2. update: I joined pailaka again, after 1h and the instance didn't reset the quest, npcs were still telling me to kill the missing Adiantum. I really need that lvl 4 vit reward
  3. Hello there, so I did the pailaka quest for 36-42 lvl range and it seems out it bugged. Before you say I might 've missed some steps, after every boss I killed, whenever this was possible, I turned in the quest to get the next step and as you can see in this picture (, the quest says done for all previous parts but the last one, which is to kill Adiantum, yet Adiantum never spawned for me to kill it. I 've done this instance many more times in this server with the exact same steps I followed with this character and it always worked.
  4. Hello, since server is epilogue now does 7s quest that starts at lvl 79 exist? and do SEs get multiple pomanders instead of 1? and does Delusion Chamber exist? and if not, will they be implented untill December (when the event ends)? Thanks
  5. Hello there, anyone can recall at which level warlock's Feline Queen gets the buff "Blessing of Queen (effect 3)"? Thanks!
  6. As the tittle says, I want to know the quest adena rate for the quest "Good Work's Reward". The reason behind it; this quest work's as follows: You pay 1kk adena for each mark you don't have, and if it happens that you have any mark, the dwarf pays you back 1kk adena for each mark you already have (for x1 adena rate). If for example it's x3 you get paid back 3kk adena for each mark you already have. Hope I made clear to any reader what I mean