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  1. Thanks for the update, emptysys. I wont play this immediately, but Ill definitely keep it in mind. Please take care and continue to succeed
  2. ME AND YORK HAD A GREAT IDEA We could start a whole new line of planes. We could have a orange perk that lets you mess with your plane stats.You use stars to upgrade your plan.You would get 1 star each 5 lvls. AND we could have a thing were u MAKE YOUR OWN PLANE . We could have a game cash called sk sky cash to bye parts and weapons to start a plane from scratch. We could have a shop with alot of cool parts. TELL ME WHAT U THINK,I THINK IT WOULD BE AWSOME
  3. I dont know where and how to find them. So any hints about items I could use with my warri? wanna max out blocking for pve though.