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  2. Hi man. Shrine since very beginning was using GE client. So actual sys folder is probably same as 4y ago.
  3. Please, can someone share the old system folder used with GRACIA FINAL compatible with WIN 10? Thank You!!
  4. Yes we did go to Rune NPC with all other toons. I did much of the killing with eradica using just melee hits. I suspect it has something to do with logging out and logging in an alt on the same account to do killing quests on during TW. Both of us did that but I thought we'd done it before and still gotten badges.
  5. Inigo is in OT with Rune castle , so u must kill any catapult except rune territory , and the boxes u are killing most not be regged in rune.(same logic applies to your other chars) Also if u left clan , and got invited in clan a little bit before tw , or during tw , u must make RR cause it stucks , u dont get fame/badges sometimes. Also if u do the killings on the classes with aoe skills , depending the nature of aoe skills , sometimes it stucks again. For example 5 chars are together , and u do earthquake , u get only the quest from 1 char (either who died first, or who you had target? ). Are u sure u are going to the right NPC? Eradica is also on OT , did you go to rune to claim your reward ?
  6. Sometimes it happened to me, I mean get less badges than I should get, when I was loggin in char more than 2 times during TW... Its like server forgot my finished quests. Since that Im paying attantion.
  7. Oddly enough same thing happened to me... ( was in solaris' party ) Char: InigoMontoya got nothing, other chars DarkDiv, CovalentBond got normal rewards.
  8. This is the second time one of my characters (char: Eradica) has participated in TW but gotten no reward. Our party killed a catapult at a fortress then did all the required class based kills. Everyone in my party got plenty of badges. The NPC simply tells me: "There is nothing I can do for you. Given your level of achievement, I have nothing else to offer you. I look forward to witnessing your accomplishments in the next territory battle." I have not recently changed clans. I did log out midway through the TW to log another char on the account but this was after completing all the initial quests and stayed logged in for the final hour of the TW battle. This second character on the account did class based killing and received 38 badges. Is this a known bug? Something I can prevent in the future? Can GM help me get my badges?
  9. I only trust polish AI,sry Emca i love you but you are just a human.
  10. Go in-game and farm 65kk AA for me, I'll give you how many adenas you want plus items for every level.
  11. Server has no donations , and selling ingame currency for real money is forbidden, easiest way to make adena on the server when u got time is aa / ke farm
  12. Nobody from the forum listens to music anymore ? I like Linkin Park. Is anyone listening to them or just me?
  13. I would like to buy Adena because I don't have time to get it lately. Did anyone buy currency in any of these stores? Is it safe? Anyone have any experience?
  14. DarkDiv


    I’d love to have an event, would be nice if it was on 24 hours so us in team America could participate... 🙃
  15. Dont do spoil and craft. It's waste of time. Materials are from manor, pieces from bosses, also dynasty matters, and you can get them cheap from ppl. There are a lot of crafters in giran. Even if you strongly want to make them, do it later. Ur actual start is slow, making 2 useless boxes will only slow it further. You can make them when you get this 78 with COV and be able to aoe fog etc. Destro+sws+pp have no rights to be. Lets say with newbie buffs you can get this 76 and then No vampiric rage and aoe becomes impossible. WC is must have for all parties. Even if it's just for 4 combobuffs and gate chant.
  16. bst for u definitely Cata cause of AA that u can exchange for bunch of adena
  17. I'm thinking to raise a destroyer along with sws + pp. Main Destroyer + 2 boxes sws+pp it will be better. when i reach with my destro also 52 lvl with TOP b shadow weapon+armor where do you suggest xp ? catacombs is a good idea ? of course i will have to raise a spoiler and MAYBE a crafter too...
  18. I would say playing mage at shrine is too difficult. Maybe start is easy, but then hardstuck at 80 lvl. You cant do bosses alone (I guess many ppl use just aenkinels to lvl up), and you cant do aoe farm solo as well. If you want mage it's only playing in party, or create some destro/wl to exp mage as box. And most important NO AUTO LOOT. This shit kills all solo mage players better that 20 man online. I dont know how you feel playing with boxes, but best would be to create urself full support. Shrine is midrate already + Vit cakes after 52, it shouldnt be hard. So Destro/Wl+wc+bd+sws+pp(optionally, if there is no1 to borrow u CC box)+Ur main character. Ofc some bishop/SE for stigma would be nice also & judi box.
  19. I'm thinking to keep prophet 52lvl only and play mage+Shilien elder + Bladedancer+prophet Does anybody else have in mind a better combination of characters?
  20. Try either dragon valley because of undeads or cemetery at the start since it's full of undeads
  21. Hello everybody, i would like to see where do you suggest me to xp at 52lvl swordsinger + prophet both 52lvl. is there any place best to xp?
  22. WTB: Dynasty Tunic - 100kk, Stocking - 80kk payment mail "iNev close
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