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      Rewards for voting: Increased EXP/SP rate to 5x (instead of 4x). Access to all Solo Kamalokas through Pathfinder worker. Premium lasts for 12 hours - then it's possible to vote to get it again. YOU MUST VOTE THROUGH BANNERS IN LAUNCHER OR ON OUR WEBSITE TO GET THE REWARD If you don't get the reward after voting, try clicking on the vote banners again to force our system to refresh your vote status
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Players & bots

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Dear players,

as you may know, we have antibot installed on our server. Up until now we were just blocking the usage of bots on our server. However, we can clearly see in our logs players that are still trying to use bots (adrenaline for example). This is the first and also last warning to those players trying to run game with bot - from now on we will start banning everyone who will just even try to run the game with the forbidden software!

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