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Does anybody here has any modification on his macros colours?

I used to have a GE client that had for example : purple colour on market macros , green colour on invite macros , blue colour on fight macros , etc, and u could distinguish easily your things

On chars i have 30+ macros saved it is a pain in the ass to look for them.  

Or if noone has it....do you know where it is affected? on textures/l2.ini? etc.... to try look for it.... cant find atm anywhere...

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But i m not sure if i m gonna meet any problems in future.

I downloaded the updater from another GE server. I run the update. the updater changed some things (in textures?systemtextures?no idea....). it was "big" update.

After that i run our updater

Emca/Jorn , can u isolate specific file that has this option if it not a big deal and put it in our client? it is really convenient...... because with mixed updates now , dunno if game is gonna have  critical errors in the future..... 


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