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  1. its possible that we are getting to beleth in stage lvl 12? the actual stage of the server is Hellbound Stage: Stage 12/13 - Tully's Workshop. how we can lvl up the stage? i folowed al this list : HB Stage 11 - Tully's Workshop- Tully's Workshop has eight floors.- Each floor has trap doors, key monsters and methods to unlock the next floor.- Floor 1 -> Kill Master Zelos and a trapdoor to floor two will be unlocked.- Floor 2 -> Find the trapdoor in one of the rooms and head to the third floor.- Floor 3 -> Kill Master Festina a trapdoor in the central platform where she spawned will be unlocked to the next floor.- Floor 4 -> One of the rooms has a trapdoor that leads to floor five.- Floor 5 -> There are some devices that can open doors in the labyrinth. After opening the innermost door, you will enter the Raid Boss Tully’s room. After you kill Tully you must find the NPC Ghost of an Old Dwarf and move on to floor six.- Floor 6 -> Kill the monster there until a Mysterious Agent will appear.He can teleport you to floor seven or to the roof.- Floor 7 -> This is a secret area where you can arrive through the Mysterious Agents on floor six and eight.- Floor 8 -> Here can be a Transportation Cubic or a Mysterious Agent who will teleport you to the secret area on floor seven.- Roof -> The Raid Boss Darion and Floating Ghosts appear here.You can get here from floor six, seven, or eight. When Darion is defeated, a secret door will open and you will be able to see a bridge that connects to the Tower of Naia. to get to belleth but the stage lvl still 12/13. i thought that following this list the stage should lvl up.
  2. I dont get it, we killed epidos, the crystal appear, we get teleported but the doors where closed, the stage must to be 13? O something like that ? Or something is missing ?
  3. The gm saids that is not bugged and that we are missing something, we are the first ones to kill epidos in this server, we have to kill 4 epidos to open the door ?. all the videos I watched when u get in with the cube, the doors at instantly opened
  4. Hi, I have a question, we are playing l2 gf, and we are trying to kill beleth, we just kill epidos and the cubic apeared after that we teleported to beleths throne but the doors were closed, how do we open them ? And why they are closed